Core bussiness
Datacomp is a software solutions specialist with focus on bussiness solutions primarily in the insurance & specified financial services space.
Value Addition
Datacomp has constantly been value adding by devising powerful and innovative sales strategies for its clients to keep them miles ahead of competition. Owing to our deep understanding of our subject & the value adds that we provide, Datacomp personnel are often solicited as lead speakers In several educational seminars organized by L.I.C., Asset Management Companies and several Agent / Development Officer / Broker Associations. Datacomp addresses 100s of such seminars every year on diverse financial and technology related subjects.
Datacomp’s project development approach follows industry standard processes to ensure high quality deliverables at all levels. Datacomp has well developed, repeatable, effective software development process and a well-proven testing methodology based upon SEI-CMM prescribed guidelines. This ensures the highest quality of products and successful delivery to our clients.
Datacomp is a Microsoft Certified Partner since 2004. Datacomp uses the latest cutting edge technology platforms to develop the software to ensure continuity & stability. We specialize in Microsoft’s .NET technology and have live projects that have tasted success in the market.
Software Capabilities
Having passed through several product development & enhancement life cycles, Datacomp today has the wherewithal to provide an exhaustive, stable, customer friendly & qualitative product. With access to a huge knowledge repository which has been built up as a result of increasing product maturity as well as exhaustive domain experience, Datacomp is able to leverage its resources in creating a range of world-class software products.
As a result, Datacomp has a product range which covers end-to-end spectrum of bussiness process mapping, implementation, integration, application management and support. Datacomp’s expertise extends across the following solutions: Customer Relationship Management, bussiness Automation Systems, Illustration and Policy Servicing Systems, Product Life Cycle Management and Enterprise Resource Management.
Synergic & Strategic Fit
Datacomp provides a synergic fit with its clients’ objectives. Success of Datacomp is in a measure directly linked to the success of its customers. Owing to such a symbiotic relationship, our commitment is far greater than normal software vendors.
Visual Magic Pro (L.I.C Agents)
Visual DO Magic (L.I.C. Dev Offs)
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