Fundz Magic Testimonials

“I am in total control of my business, thanks to FundzMagic. It efficiently takes care of all my business requirements”

Tarun Saxena
Accountax Consultants


“I am very happy with the innovative features of FundzMagic. Though all features are very useful, the MIS section of this software has really helped me to monitor the portfolio of my customers as well as the productivity of my sales staff”

Vipin K Lakra
Financial Planner


“My customers can now see various views of their portfolio online on www.chennaicapital.fundzmagic.com My customers have immensely appreciated this service and have started recommending their friends to invest through me because of this exclusive service”

Chennao Capital


This service has given transparency for their investments and also less of service burden for me as they themselves are able to view their reports. Less of queries and more of comfort on both the sides.” It has really been Happy Investing for all my clients.

Managing Director


This software is very helpful to us to increase our client base and to satisfy our existing investors.  Thanks for a good software.”

Ravi Malhotra
Onyx Wealth Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

I will like to thank you for the retirement planning part of the software where we can explain the inflation adjusted consumption requirements to the clients. In first five days of my marketing this concept

I am able to sell more then 2.5 lac worth of SIP. This would not have been possible without this tool. Now I have taken target of selling SIP worth Rs 50 lac per month by 30/09/2008. Thank you for this tool.“

Pradeep Kumar Jain
Investment Advisor

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