eCRMagic Testimonials

"Even with such a huge portfolio I spend most of my time on field. Thanks to the Information Dissemination System, almost all my servicing activities are automatically handled efficiently and quickly. I cannot imagine how I would have been able to manage without it."

Yatish Prasad, Kolkatta


“Right from sending greetings, to policy intimations & marketing campaigns run on my behalf, eCRMagic has created a lot of value for me. For me eCRMagic is not a luxury but a necessity ”

Bhushan Limaye, Mumbai


“The autopilot service from Datacomp is truly amazing since it has multiplied my bussiness. It has given me more time to be with my clients and devote more attention towards getting new bussiness.”

Subhash Chandra Rana, Delhi

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