Tally has been the backbone of your business management for many years. Your entire BackOffice is driven by this simple yet the most powerful business software ever delivered by an Indian company. You reckon Tally for many purposes, such as:
  • Maintaining your complete financial accounts
  • Managing your inventory
  • Generating customer invoices
  • Keeping your outstandings in control
  • Generating MIS data for monitoring business efficiencies ... and much more.
This list can go on and on. Imagine, being able to add the power of instant communication to Tally! Well, MagicSMS Tally is just the right solution to take your business automation to the next level
What is MagicSMS Tally?
MagicSMS Tally Edition is a powerful productivity enhancing tool, brought to you by Datacomp. It harnesses the power of revolutionary SMS technology to enable you to reach out to your customers, suppliers and associates in seconds.
It is specially designed to work seamlessly with your Tally database and provides a host of useful services to enhance your communication with your customers and suppliers.
How does MagicSMS Tally work?
MagicSMS Tally is an independent software application that connects and reads the data from your Tally database. It allows you to create custom queries to get specific data from your business database. Using this data, it generates dynamic and personalized text messages which you can transmit to your target audience via SMS.
There are 2 ways in which MagicSMS Tally can send text messages:
  • Via an internet based SMS sending service (SOTS) to send messages to hundreds of Indian mobile numbers at a click of a button
  • Via a compatible GSM / CDMA handset connected to your PC using a bluetooth connection to any mobile number in the world
While you can define your own services, MagicSMS Tally comes pre-configured with a set of useful queries to enable you to get started immediately and reap its benefits instantly
MagicSMS Tally Pre-configured Services
Payment Receipt Acknowledgment
This is a THANK YOU sms that will be sent to your customers when a payment is received from them. A small gesture that can put a smile on your customer’s face. e.g.
Dear Mr. Ajay Gupta, thank you for your payment of Rs. 52000/- vide Chq. No. 762277 of ICICI Bank – ABC Enterprises.
Payment Outstanding Reminder
With this service you can remind your customers to remit their outstanding payments e.g.
Payment Reminder: Your Payment on our Invoice No. 5655 of Rs. 45000 is overdue for 66 days. Kindly remit the same at the earliest.
Thank you – ABC Enterprises.
Cheque Bounce Intimation
Act immediately on failed transactions! Use this service to send intimation about cheque dishonour to your defaulting customers.
Payment Intimation to your suppliers
This SMS informs your suppliers that their payment has been dispatched and provides them with the details of the cheque. e.g.
Dear Mr. Agarwal, your payment of Rs.38500 has been dispatched vide chq no.435573 dated 23-2-2010. Plz acknowledge the receipt – ABC Enterprises
Goods Dispatch Intimation
Keep your customers aware of their order status. Use this service to inform them about dispatch of goods against their specific orders. e.g.
Dear Sharmaji, we have dispatched goods against ur order no 423552 on 22/02/2010 through Bluedart Couriers (Doc.No 628822)–ABC Enterprises
Debit Note / Credit Note Intimation
With this service you can inform your customers / suppliers
/ associates about any Debit note raised on their account or a
Credit note issued to them.
Birthday Greetings
Personal bonding with your associates, whether customers or suppliers, will always prove healthy for your business. This is the very purpose of this service. You can send out birthday greeting SMS to your associates at a click of the button.
You can configure your own services

While the software comes preconfigured with the above services (which again are editable), your limit does not end there. You can define and store your own services for sending personalized messages, based on your business needs. Your services can be based on:

Tally Database
We have exposed 2 types of data lists for building your custom services, viz.:
  • All Party List: This is a list of all customers, suppliers, associates, etc. For e.g. to run a marketing campaign, you can filter this data on Group – ‘‘Sundry Debtors’’ and define a suitable marketing message to be sent to them or maybe use the entire list to send festival greetings.
  • All Vouchers List: This is a list of all transactions entered in your tally database. You may filter and use this data suitably for your various business communication needs.
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