What kind of device is TabMagic targetted on?
  • TabMagic is specially designed to give you best experience on 7" to 10" Android Tablets. On OS front the minimum requirements are Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or above. Please refer to technical requirements section for more details
Can I install TabMagic on my smartphone?
  • Yes. You can install it on Android powered smartphones having a screen size of 5” and above. Though technically it can work on any screen size, but the layouts have been designed for large screen displays
Can I install TabMagic on Apple iPad?
  • No. Apple uses its own proprietory operating system IOS, which is totally different from Android. Currently we do not have TabMagic variant for iPAD devices
How to install TabMagic?
  • Its very simple. Download and install Magic App Store (MAS) on your device. Then start MAS. You will see the TabMagic icon on its home page. Tap on it and download TabMagic
What is Magic App Store?
  • Magic App Store is a platform developed by Datacomp to securedly distribute and manage updates of all its Android applications. It is somewhat similar to the Google PlayTM but made by Datacomp to specifically suit its customer requirements. You can download Magic App Store freely from this website,
    www.datacompwebtech.com or www.mobilemagicapps.com
How will I come to know when there is an update available for TabMagic?
  • The My Apps section in Magic App Store gives you the information about the updates available on all Android applications that you have purchased from us. It also allows you to download and install the update by simply tapping a single button
I had purchased and installed TabMagic on my tablet device. Due to some problem I had to reset my tablet. Hence I lost all my applications. How can I get TabMagic back on my device?
  • No problem. First Download and install Magic App Store (MAS) again. Make sure that you sign up with the same email id that you were using earlier. Now when you open the My Apps section in MAS, you will see TabMagic in the list and an option to install. Tap on the install link to start the installation of TabMagic

I have purchased additional tablets for my sales team. Do I need additional licences?
  • Yes. When you buy TabMagic, you buy it for one device. The PIN number issued can be used for one device only. Hence you must purchase more PINs for more devices that you may acquire
My tablet is giving me some problems . I may have to get a replacement from my vendor. How can I protect my TabMagic licence so that I can use it on new device

No issues. To ensure that you can use the Download Pin again on the replaced device, follow the steps given below:
  • Start Magic App Store (MAS)
  • On the top right corner there is icon for the menu. Tap on it and select Apps Registered on this device.
  • Tap on the Unregister button and unregister all the Datacomp apps. That’s it! You have protected your PIN numbers for re-use
  • On your new device install MAS and sign up using the same email id that was used by you earlier
  • Start MAS and select Your Purchase History from the menu
  • You will get a list of all your apps with their PIN numbers displayed in green.
  • Simply tap on the PIN number to install the app on the new device
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