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As one of the top performing insurance advisor, your time is often not your own. Moving from one meeting to another, the time you might need to spend on your portal is limited or sometimes impossible. The Auto Pilot service of Datacomp takes over your job of taking care of your portal.

With your consent to manage your CRM activities through eCRMagic, skilled Datacomp staff will perform the following tasks on your behalf

  • Dispatch product advertisements for lead generation
  • Update new articles and removing outdated ones
  • Updating Product Details and FAQs
  • Reviewing of Banners on web pages and updating them from time to time
  • Designing and sending out Custom Intimations to generate inquiries for you
  • Run marketing campaigns by SMS

Auto pilot services are proven to be revenue generating with zero investment in effort and time from your side. It provides you with unlimited opportunities to tap new business with existing customers and prospects with increased revenues each time an auto pilot advertisement is fired to your customers by Datacomp. All in all an ideal tool that takes care of your marketing and lead generation needs and does not require any supervision.

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