In this cut-throat competition, it is a big challenge to make a place for yourself and even more tougher to have an identity that is unique to its own. In such a situation, it gets harder to retain the existing customers and expand the opportunities of doing more business with them. Needless to say, retaining customers is a bigger challenge than acquiring new ones. Hence, keeping them contented with your services is of paramount importance. And with the mounting competition, CUSTOMER LOYALTY gets more critical. If the customer is loyal to you, he will never do business with anyone else but you.

But how do you ensure the loyalty of your customers?

The answer lies in effective Customer Relationship Management.

What is Customer Relationship Management?
Customer Relationship Management or CRM as it is popularly known, is all about keeping your customers delighted by innovative interactions. It is about personalizing the services to his needs and making him feel the most important person. And the result is truly amazing:  A delighted customer always comes back to you with more business A delighted customer refers many more customers to you
What is the big deal about CRM?
CUSTOMER IS GOD-it is what we all believe and hence we must realize that they always need your best attention. When the business was small you personally looked after all of them. But as it grew, the virtual distance between you and your customers began to grow too. The PERSONAL TOUCH that was very visible in early days is now diminishing. That warm and friendly relation is now getting transformed into a professional one. Keeping your customers delighted, which was a simple task when you had handful of them, is now becoming a big challenge when the base has become bigger.
Introducing eCRMagic – your solution to keep your customers delighted at all times

eCRMagic is a web based CRM solution brought to you by Datacomp, who has been innovating technological solutions for all your insurance needs for more than 20 years. The objective of eCRMagic is as follows

  • To enhance your professional image and to keep you on top of the competition
  • To help you be in touch with each of your customer throughout the year and that too with your negligible involvement
  • To create or enhance insurance awareness amongst your customer base
  • To create business  opportunities and thus increase your bottom-lines
  • To enable 24 x 7 availability of your services to your customers
  • And above all, to keep your customers smiling. A smile that can translate into millions
The key modules of eCRMagic are:
  Front End  
  Back End  
  Online Services  
Optional Add-Ons
  Auto Pilot
  SMS Based
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