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Your customers will be delighted to see their insurance and mutual fund portfolio online on your web portal. Through a secured login they can access their portfolio which can be updated on a daily basis
Insurance Portfolio
Life Insurance Portfolio
Your customers can now view and print their Insurance Chart, Premium Calendar, Cash Flow Chart and even their Policy Status just at the click of a button. They can check the surrender value, loan available and other insurance facts online without having to consult you at any given time. What’s more, you can also flash banners of all attractive products that you may intend to sell and get luckier with increasing product sales.
Mutual Fund Portfolio
Yes, your customers can also view their Mutual Fund portfolio online on web portal. And not just static data, but the up-to-date portfolio valuation, as your site has been empowered with latest NAVs directly from AMFI. They can also create or edit their portfolio online. All MF transactions such as Purchase, SIP, Redemption, SWP, Dividend and Bonus are supported. The customer can view:
  • Consolidated portfolio (Individual / Family)
  • Profit / Loss Reports (Individual / Family)
  • Transaction summary (Individual / Family)
Online Payment (LIC of India)
Through ‘Online Payment’ feature, your policyholders can make their insurance premium payments from the comfort of their desktop. With just a few mouse clicks, consider the insurance payments done and forget the tedious visits to the payment counters. Please note that your customers would be directed to third party payment websites for payment processing and the payments are directly presented to LIC of India.
Policy Capture
While servicing a customer, your intent is to be his preferred advisor. To improve your brand identity and recall you may intend to service all policies that your customer may have bought from other advisors. We have this module just to facilitate this. Your customer or prospect can just fill up the policy form on your web portal. You can then get the required policy data from LIC and leave your servicing needs to the backend module of your eCRMagic portal.
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