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While the frontend of your eCRMagic powered website showcases number of attractive features which will bring your customers repeatedly to your site, the backend of your website is even more powerful. It does a lot of hard work for you to ensure that your customer’s needs are well taken care of. Here are some of the many features of the eCRMagic Backend.


Site Content Configuration System

The exhaustive content that is presented on your website is developed by a team of professional content writers in Datacomp. For your information, Datacomp developed insurance content is also used by MSN, Yahoo and Sify. However, you may or may not need some content on your website. For e.g. if you are not representing any non-life insurance company then you may not be interested In posting information on this domain on your website.

The Site Content Configuration System enables you to select the content that you want on your website. It also allows you to incorporate your own content in addition or in lieu of content provided by Datacomp. For e.g. you may want to post an article sourced by you on your website or you may want to have product details of a particular L.I.C. plan in your own style. Additionally, this feature also enables you to set up advertisement banners on several pages of your website to create a business opportunity and promote cross selling of products.


Policy Intimations

Intimations related to various policy related events such as Premiums Due, Premiums Outstanding, S.B. Due, Maturities, etc. are automatically e-mailed or sent by SMS to your customers. These are sent on a daily basis (close to the due date) or on a monthly basis as
per your preference. A one-time setting is all you need to do and leave the rest to happen on its own.


Greetings Service

Leave it to eCRMagic to take care of sending greeting messages to your customers on your behalf. On a daily basis it will analyze your data and send attractive birthday, wedding anniversary and festival greetings to your esteemed customers. A special feature of the greeting service is that it can be personalized based on the customer profile. For e.g. if the birthday greeting is going to a male child, a SPIDERMAN greeting with a funny message will be sent. If it is a female child then may be a BARBIE greeting will be chosen and if it is to an elderly person, a greeting with a picture of bouquet of flowers and a sober message will be sent out. Just visualize the client’s reaction when he receives such a personalized greeting from you.


You can use this feature to create your own newsletter or select the newsletter designed by Datacomp. Your customers may not visit your website regularly to seek information. You can push the information to your customers by scheduling the despatch of the newsletter to him by e-mail. On your specified date, every month the newsletter will be e-mailed to all your customers. This will ensure better viewership of your website content.



As one of the top performing insurance professionals, your time is often not your own. Moving from one meeting to another, the time you might need to spend on your website is limited or sometimes impossible. The Auto Pilot service of Datacomp takes over your job of taking care of your website. With your consent to manage your CRM activities through eCRMagic, skilled Datacomp staff will perform the following tasks on your behalf

  • Updating of new articles and removing outdated ones from your website
  • Updating Product Details and FAQs
  • Reviewing of Banners on web pages and updating them from time to time
  • Designing and sending out Custom Intimations to generate inquiries for you
  • Run marketing campaigns by SMS
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