Please read the instructions given below to install the application on your mobile phone
Installing Mobile Magic LIPS application on your handset
  • Run the MM - LIPS desktop applicat ion and wait t ill the processing gets completed
  • After complet ion of the processing, you will get a “Setup File Successfully Created” message on the screen
  • Click the “Open folder with your Mobile Magic applicat ion” link
  • The MM - LIPS.jar file gets opened (which is placed at C: \ vmpro\ YourJarFile folder)
  • Activate the Bluetooth device/ software on your PC as well as of handset.
  • Pair the mobile with the PC in which you want to run the application.

  Installing Through Bluetooth Dongle  

  • Double click your device and select the “Bluetooth File Transfer Service” or “Bluetooth Object Push Service” option of your dongle (Pair the mobile if not done before and then accept the connection request ).
  • Select the locat ion of your device where you want to install the application file.
  • Copy and paste the jar file in that location.
  • Open your mobile’s “File manager” folder and open or install the MM - LIPS.jar.
  • This will automatically install Mobile Magic-LIPS in your handset

  Installing Through PC using any Bluetooth software directly  

  •   Run the Bluetooth software of your PC and send the jar file directly to your device.
  • Go to your message inbox and install the application directly from there.

  In case of repetitive installations (when updated version of MM - LIPS has to be reinstalled) , users are advised to uninstall the existing jar file from the “File Manager” of the mobile and again repeat the application installation guidelines in order to use the updated application.  


The application has been tested on the handsets listed in Compatible Mobile Lists. This list is not exhaustive and the application may work on other models not listed. However, Datacomp Web Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. (DWT) and its representatives clearly disclaim that even though the application has been tested on the mentioned devices, they cannot gaurantee that the application will work or work to your satisfaction on your mobile handset. Under no circumstances will DWT or their representatives be liable for any refund or compensation. It is recommended that you download and test the demo version of this application to satisfy yourself for its performance and suitability of your mobile handset.



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