• Beautifully hand crafted with soft, matte and velvet materials for an overall sensuous feel.
  • One device you can depend on because of 700,000 PC class applications from Outlook, Office, Tally, DTP, IDEs, etc.
  • Storage Memory can be extended to any size you want. Cain has lightening fast full 3.0 USB port supporting Hard-drives running upto TeraBytes and you can install applications on those external hard drives as well!
  • Ergonomic and neat keyboard design to get you comfortably typing from day one. This layout has one of the largest QWERTY span. It also includes large trackpad with dedicated left and right click buttons
  • Hassle free Warranty Service! Cain comes with Swap warranty which means, students/professional/anyone will never have to leave their homes. If anything goes wrong with their device, Notion Ink will first send a device and after couple of days when the customer is happy, then pick the non functional unit. No more taking leaves, travelling to service center and waiting for your own devices!.
  • Cain boots in under 6 second, which is a testimonial of the efficiency of new Windows 8.1. All PC apps are installable on Cain, and they load real fast.
  • Cain has HDMI out which not just mirrors the display, but extends the display too. One can use the external monitor as the main display and use Cain just as the Keyboard, i.e. Work on the biggest monitors you have!
  • Don’t like hanging dongles for internet connectivity? One can install 3G Ultrastick card into the device and never face connectivity issues related to 3G dongles!

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